About Andrea

Hi, I am professor Andrea, semi-retired. Here a few testimonials about me.

“Andrea has helped many students to build comprehensive marketing programs that generated multi-million dollar revenues. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Andrea has extensive knowledge of technology within the global community.”

“Andrea is a seasoned educator and an articulate spokesperson. But she decided to give up her professional life and focused on her family instead. This blog is her place to share stories and thoughts.”

She still occasionally is busy with planning and organizing special events that draw attention to new products and people, awards, and other important achievements. She can arrange corporate events that motivate your staff and provide an effective environment for executive decision making.

She’ll identify programs and opportunities that help you gain visibility in your community and market. Andrea will position the event, line up vendors, and develop invitations, advertising, and other printed or presentation materials. By coordinating all activities before and during the event we’ll help ensure the event delivers the results you expect.