Convert Your Website into a Cash Cow

By now you may have already built a website but are still not raking in profits from it. Your next step is to use some SEO strategies to boost its search rankings and convince site visitors to either buy something from you or avail of an offer.

The top Internet marketing experts recommend the following:

Add quality content

Content that is unique, fresh and useful will drive traffic to your sales page or website. There are various types of content:

articles blogs videos how-tos audio clips You can buy content from outsourcers or you can create them on your own if you are skillful at making them. Most site owners often start by writing their own content but eventually pay others to do it for them as their businesses grow.

Post videos

People prefer to watch and listen to videos rather than read a text version of it. No wonder pages with videos have good search rankings. It is a great idea to learn how to make your own videos using a digital camera that is set to ‘movie’ mode or by putting together a slideshow using PowerPoint. To attract visitors to your site, make sure to add links around the video or display your site’s website address as a watermark in the video or slideshow.

Create a blog

Another way to generate interest on your website is by first establishing yourself as an authority on something. An easy option is to buy a domain name, get it hosted and build the blog with a WordPress theme. WordPress is singled out because its content management system makes it easy to optimize your blog so that search engine bots can easily find your page within minutes from posting fresh content. Provide helpful articles and tips to your readers to gain their trust and confidence. Once you have established a good relationship with your readers, it will be easy for you to recommend products on your page, which they can buy from your sales page or your affiliate’s website.

Expert tip: Add 6 tags for each post and use the right keywords to boost search rankings quickly.

Learning how to increase site visitors is easy when you follow an expert. Unlike many who call themselves “internet marketing experts” the ones to watch will constantly innovate and test new techniques for optimizing websites so you can be sure to learn only the best and most up to date strategies.