Inside Secrets Of A/B Split Testing Your AdWords Ads

Visualize yourself with your AdWords account open on your computer screen, looking at the two ads you’ve just created for your next A/B split testing experiment. Will people click more often on the headline “Cheap Holidays” or “Fantastic Holidays”?


If you are confused and wondering why anyone should care, then you’re missing out on the most powerful tool for improving your AdWords advertising performance – split testing.

Anyway, you’ve started your latest headline test and the next day you discover that your first ad (“Cheap Holidays”) has 23 clicks and your second ad (“Fantastic Holidays”) has 31 clicks. Has your second ad won, or should you let the test run a little longer, just to make sure?

This question really matters!

The problem is, if you wait too long between tests, then your wasting time and money. On the other hand, decide to soon and you risk changing your ad based on a false assumption.

How can you make that important decision with the confidence that you are getting it right every single time?

There is only one answer to this question and it can be found in the mysterious world of statistics.

Your A/B split testing results are reliable when the following formula is true:)

( (W – L) / 2) ² > N

1. N is the number of trials.

For the previous example, this is 31+23=54.

2. W is the number of clicks for winning ad.

For the previous example, this is 31.

3. L is the number of clicks for losing ad.

For the previous example, this is 23.

Applying the above formula to our example,

((31-23)/2)² =16

16 is smaller than 31 + 23 = 54 so the formula is not true, we therefore need to keep testing.

Okay, you’re probably thinking that you have lots of different ad groups in your AdWords account and you really can’t be bothered to spend hours every morning hammering keys on a calculator, checking each one against this formula to see if you’ve got a winning ad.

The truth is that you don’t have too:)

Another way to evaluate your ads is to use Winner Alert. This software will scan your AdWords account every day, perform a statistical analysis on all your A/B split testing ads and send you an email every time it finds a winner.

You can now log into your AdWords account only when you get an alert. Your email alert will tell you exactly the ad group you need to look at and which was the winning ad. Delete the losing ad and write another – you’re done!

The neat thing is that not only do you get informed when you have a winning ad, but you’re also told when you have two ads that are performing just too close to call.

This information is important because you need to know when you’re wasting time with a test for which you will never get a positive result. You can then abandon the test, delete either one of your ads and start a new test.

This is A/B Split Testing done the easy way. All the hard work of working out if you have a winner is done for you, allowing you to concentrate on writing good ad copy.

There is no long and confusing setup process, it takes less than 10 minutes to get everything right and detailed, easy to follow instructions are provided for you to follow.

When you subscribe to Winner Alert, you will discover why so many people get really excited about how it helps them see results from their AdWords split testing much more quickly than without it.

P.S. I’m sure that by now you can see the benefits of Winner Alert and how it can improve your A/B Split Testing results. As you debate about buying, think about the 14 days risk-free trial that you get when you sign up.

Try Winner Alert for 14 days and if you don’t see any improvement in your AdWords accounts performance, you can cancel your order immediately, and without cost.