Landing Page Design

How to build a quality AdWords landing page is a question we are asked a lot. As Mike has found out, get the content on your landing page wrong and your campaign can get into all sorts of trouble.

But building a landing page that Google will love, is not actually that hard. But, what you need to remember is that it is not just your landing page that AdWords judges, but your entire website.

1) The Basics

Your website must include all of these pages:

  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap

2) Additional Value

Give your website additional value to further focus in on its theme.

  • A blog
  • How to/ What if / Best Buy Guides
  • FAQ’s
  • Glossary
  • Deals and Offers

3) Your Product pages

Build detailed information pages around each of your products and product lines.

4) Landing Pages

  • Link your ads to those pages that will provide people with the most useful and accurate information about the product or service you are advertising in your ad.
  • Avoid asking people to register for your information. If registration is unavoidable, make sure people know exactly what they will be getting when they register.
  • Do not create landing pages that are mostly made up of ads.

And most important of all, ensure that all your content is original and informative.