Since I’ve got the week off from work I’m trying to iron out every last little irk that I have with this site, including editing the theme to this darker version. I’ve always been drawn to dark themes but never usually put them on my site, but I quite like what I’ve done with this one.

I’ve also got some content to upload that’s been sitting about on my external hard drive for months. All I need to do is update it where needed and fix any mistakes before I add them to the site.

I keep getting distracted watching The Tudor’s though, so it might take me a while to finish.

[EDIT] Added a guestbook, how retro of me!


Earlier on I couldn’t get my wireless internet to connect for love nor money on my laptop, even although I could connect via my iPod Touch. Weird, but I managed to fix it only to find out that Virgin Media is having major outages across Madison concerning television accounts and internet accounts. So I keep randomly disconnecting. Not amused, but it hardly happens so I suppose I have nothing to moan about.

Since I was lacking on the internet access I thought that I’d do some work on my MTP stuff. We’re on a section just now that we’ve had a month to complete so far, and we’ve still got a month to go on this one section. It’s a huge, huge section covering loads of important stuff, more so than the last modules and sections that we’ve completed.

Anyway, I opened up Word to begin writing away and decided to stick some music on and update my iPod at the same time. Uh, bad idea. I’ve sat for around the last hour renaming tracks and adding ratings/genres to hundreds upon hundreds of files – and I’m only on the letter A!

I think that I’m going to take a letter a night and ensure that each file is tagged correctly, is within the correct genre, has the correct album artwork ( is a lifesaver) and where possible the correct track numbers assigned. I’m not too fussy that I need to include the year – but I’ll probably go back and do that again at some point in the not-to-distant future.

And the MTP? I think I wrote about 800 words and stopped to concentrate on the music. That’s only 2 questions answered out of about 30 that I’ve still got to go…wish me luck!